Compliance Management and CMS

Applied Performance Analytics (APA) is proud to announce that its Compliance Management System was a finalist for the 2017 Kraken award for Innovation in Compliance Technology.  APA’s business is all about Risk Management and Compliance. The work we perform experience is deeply seeded working with clients to identify, find the source of, and mitigate risk for most of the financial and operational workflows identified in originating, lending, servicing, and collecting on loans and accounts receivable.  The system was developed to respond to a call for a centralized system that accounted for company compliance with federal regulations, state laws, and client contracts.  

Workflows are determined based on regulation and subject matter and include best practices from the ACA – PPMS certification, CFPB exams and procedures, and training materials from industry experts.

Roles are determined based on company type (credit grantor, collection agency, asset owner, etc.) and the level of security of the staff member (CCO, Manager, Collection Agent, etc.).  The CMS brings clients with multiple facilities into a single platform, or for credit grantors, can bring multiple agencies together into a single platform for unified reporting, process monitoring, and performance results.

Regulatory tracks include the following:

  • Credit and Lending               
  • Financial Management
  • FCRA
  • TCPA
  • State Laws 
  • Collections
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Loan Servicing
  • Default Management
  • Payment Processing

This product includes a robust, role and permission-based compliance system at the ERP level.  It addresses the needs of multi-site clients as well as multi-product and vertical clients.  This system:

  • Tracks complaints from any source and type;
  • Includes compliance tracks for any asset type;
  • Includes access to APA’s Policy and Procedures Templates Library;
  • Tracks compliance for functional operations like call center or human resources;
  • Includes root cause analytics;
  • Includes configurable online exam creation and deployment; 
  • Maintains highest levels of security and privacy.  

The systems are based on the chosen process workflow which is enabled to provide decision approvals and thresholds, then pass the flow to the next process step or to follow-on operational areas.  Triggers for decision-making and permissions to assure privacy are in place.  Complaint reporting and metrics are provided to measure risk at multiple levels including staff-based, training-based and product-based.  Complaints are tracked within the system from initiation through resolution and at Law Suit and levels. 

APA’s CMS provides the workflow and measurements for managing compliance matters to reduce and manage risk in highly regulated areas.  It includes KPIs, dynamic reports, custom reports and scorecards to assess financial exposure across process areas and multiple stages. Data is aggregated instantly rendering reports and metrics to evaluate compliance and reach corporate goals and objectives.

APA Risk Management Partners include the following firms which, much like APA, are all about managing Risk and are dedicated to helping our clients to maintain and grow their companies with the revenues that they work hard to make.

  1.     TransUnion
  2.     Legal Account Network